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Improving Life for the Oldest Among Us: Altarum Roundtable Highlights Options

Nearly 300 people participated in a September Altarum Roundtable, “Advanced Old Age in America: What Can We Count On?” For now, it seems, very little – beyond the urgent need to improve the current fragmented and costly system, which fails to meet the diverse needs of older adults, their families, and their communities.  Panelists, who

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All Systems Go? Use Community-Based Elder Care ACOs to Overhaul Long-Term Care

  Inside Health Policy features a July 31 article about  work underway at the Altarum Institute Center for Elder Care and Advanced Illness to test new models of care for frail elders: An elder care center is applying to CMS to test an ACO-like organization that would care for the frail elderly, which some seniors

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