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What They Did: CBOs and the Community-based Care Transitions Program

by Anne Montgomery Now that the health care sector is focusing on social determinants of health (SDOH) in older adults and actively pursuing partnerships with community-based organizations (CBOs) to meet a surging demand for supportive services, it’s an excellent time to ask: What do we already know from key demonstration programs in this space? Some

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Community-based Health Organizations – An Innovation Path for Supportive Services

Picture of Anne Montgomery

By Anne Montgomery Time is growing short to make big changes to basic processes for service delivery to elders, who will soon constitute one-fifth of the U.S. population. Basically, we have a mismatch between the health care delivery system and what many older adults actually need. Typically, older adults typically see multiple clinicians working in

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What Local Government Can Do for Aging Populations: Insights from San Diego County

Nick Macchione, Joanne Lynn

By Nick Macchione and Joanne Lynn This blog entry was written for the Milbank Memorial Fund and is reposted here with permission. State and local leaders who aim to improve population health must help older Americans live well with the challenges associated with aging. Given the rapidly rising number of elders, local governments have remarkable

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Pick up the PACE to a New World of Eldercare

By Anne Montgomery, Sarah Slocum and Christine Stanik What do you need to know in order to remain in your own home as the years advance? Where can you turn for good, reliable services in a costly, chaotic, constantly shifting health care system? One possible answer is PACE (the Program of All-inclusive Care for the

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Financial Forecasting for MediCaring Communities

Anne Montgomery

By Anne Montgomery Imagine a meeting in your community — perhaps later this fall or next year — where you assemble a group of like-minded peers: health care providers, organizations offering supportive services, advocates, local leaders, policymakers and other interested stakeholders. You are calling them together because they all have an interest in improving the

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Expanding PACE Opportunities in Our Community

Picture of Sonja Felton

By Sonja Love Felton, LMSW, MPA Executive Director of Huron Valley PACE huronvalleypace.org Huron Valley PACE, in Ypsilanti, Michigan, is a young PACE organization – we were established only 4 years ago. However, we’ve been moving quickly since the day we opened our doors. Most readers likely know that PACE is an acronym for Program

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Through a Glass Darkly: The Community-Based Care Transitions Program Evaluation

Photographs of Joanne Lynn and Sarah Slocum

By Joanne Lynn and Sarah Slocum “All models are wrong, but some are useful”. – George Box In late November, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released an extensive evaluation of the Community-based Care Transitions Program (CCTP). (https://downloads.cms.gov/files/cmmi/cctp-final-eval-rpt.pdf) While the report has some useful points, the primary metrics used to measure performance –

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It Takes YOUR Community Symposium

A photograph of a group of Zuni elders

On December 5, 2017 the “It Takes YOUR Community” symposium was hosted by Altarum’s Center for Elder Care & Advanced Illness in Washington, DC. This post provides an edited videocast of the event and the edited transcript with links to presentation slides as well as a Resource POD. The primary goal of this symposium was

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Enhancing Collaboration and Communication Between Medical and Community Settings

Anne Montgomery portrait

By Anne Montgomery [as posted on the American Society on Aging (ASA) website] As evidence accumulates on how community-based organizations (CBO) can cost effectively meet the medical and long-term care needs of older adults through supportive services, the importance of linking multiple data streams across settings becomes clear. But until recently, policy barriers hampered effective

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Re-Designing Society for Our Future Selves by Joanne Lynn

Dr. Joanne Lynn Portrait. Photo credit Politico (used with permission)

Let’s try a thought experiment. Imagine that the government assembled a “Medicare Design Commission” that includes not only the usual assorted experts, but at least as many 88-year old women living alone on Social Security in second floor walk-ups, aiming to have them represent the target population of elderly people coming to face the multiple

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