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What Local Government Can Do for Aging Populations: Insights from San Diego County

Nick Macchione, Joanne Lynn

By Nick Macchione and Joanne Lynn This blog entry was written for the Milbank Memorial Fund and is reposted here with permission. State and local leaders who aim to improve population health must help older Americans live well with the challenges associated with aging. Given the rapidly rising number of elders, local governments have remarkable

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Pick up the PACE to a New World of Eldercare

By Anne Montgomery, Sarah Slocum and Christine Stanik What do you need to know in order to remain in your own home as the years advance? Where can you turn for good, reliable services in a costly, chaotic, constantly shifting health care system? One possible answer is PACE (the Program of All-inclusive Care for the

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Expanding PACE Opportunities in Our Community

Picture of Sonja Felton

By Sonja Love Felton, LMSW, MPA Executive Director of Huron Valley PACE huronvalleypace.org Huron Valley PACE, in Ypsilanti, Michigan, is a young PACE organization – we were established only 4 years ago. However, we’ve been moving quickly since the day we opened our doors. Most readers likely know that PACE is an acronym for Program

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It Takes YOUR Community Symposium

A photograph of a group of Zuni elders

On December 5, 2017 the “It Takes YOUR Community” symposium was hosted by Altarum’s Center for Elder Care & Advanced Illness in Washington, DC. This post provides an edited videocast of the event and the edited transcript with links to presentation slides as well as a Resource POD. The primary goal of this symposium was

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Nursing Homes and the Public Trust

Sarah Slocum portrait

by Sarah Slocum and Anne Montgomery Altarum Center for Eldercare & Advanced Illness Often — including every time we fly — we entrust our lives to others. A necessary precondition is that we have very high expectations of safety and quality. So while few of us have the training to assess an aircraft’s performance, we

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Re-Designing Society for Our Future Selves by Joanne Lynn

Dr. Joanne Lynn Portrait. Photo credit Politico (used with permission)

Let’s try a thought experiment. Imagine that the government assembled a “Medicare Design Commission” that includes not only the usual assorted experts, but at least as many 88-year old women living alone on Social Security in second floor walk-ups, aiming to have them represent the target population of elderly people coming to face the multiple

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CARE Documentary

Poster showing elder and caregiver

The Center for Elder Care and Advanced Illness is proud to support CARE, a 65-minute documentary about the increasing importance of caregiving in our aging society; the passionate caregivers who often earn poverty wages; and the families who struggle to afford the care they desperately need. We hope you will join the CARE team in

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Innovations for the Elderly: Getting a Running Start on Real Reforms

Picture of Mark Dann

By Mark Dann and Anne Montgomery Tens of millions of us are going to live well into our 80s and 90s, a remarkable sign of progress and achievement that we can attribute to our public health and medical care systems. But as we age, we grow frailer. And at that point, we need a different,

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Dr. Joanne Lynn Speaks on the Eldercare Crisis

Politico interviewed Dr. Joanne Lynn to learn how much strain younger Americans face as their elders age, and were surprised to learn that immigration could ease the crisis. The aging of the Baby Boom generation will triple the number of Americans over age 80 — a bulge demographers have seen coming for decades. Yet, American

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America CARES: An Emerging Consensus-Based Approach to Moving a Family-Focused Caregiving Agenda Forward

By CECAI and Caring Across Generations Staff Caring for others has become the defining issue of our time, and grows increasingly salient in political campaigns with each passing day. This emerged as the defining theme of a November 14th forum, “America CARES,” which was headlined by Altarum Institute’s Center for Elder Care and Advanced Illness

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