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Innovations for the Elderly: Getting a Running Start on Real Reforms

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By Mark Dann and Anne Montgomery Tens of millions of us are going to live well into our 80s and 90s, a remarkable sign of progress and achievement that we can attribute to our public health and medical care systems. But as we age, we grow frailer. And at that point, we need a different,

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Comments on Payment for Advance Care Planning

CMS gently proposes [2015] paying for advance care planning discussions between patients and physicians under Medicare. While this is certainly a good beginning, CMS coverage should encourage comprehensive care planning, not just “brink-of-death” care and not just for eventual incompetence but also for persons now incompetent and those who retain competence to the end of

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Stop Taking Caregivers for Granted!

By Elizabeth Blair, Victoria Walker and Anne Montgomery Standing behind a podium in a Capitol Hill meeting room at the March 3 launch of a new congressional caucus aimed at increasing policy attention to family caregivers, Marianita Gorman of New Mexico took a deep breath and looked at the audience of healthy, able-bodied staffers and

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High and Worsening Symptom Prevalence in the Last Year of Life

by Adam Singer Symptoms such as pain and confusion are very distressing for those nearing the end of life and their families. That’s why increasing attention to end-of-life care is spurring greater interest in alleviating such symptoms as a critical component of quality of life. Yet there is still a long way to go: a

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Who Cares for the Frail Elderly?

by Dr. Muriel Gillick A whopping 86 million Americans are family caregivers for an adult with significant health problems, according to a new report. Untrained, unpaid, and unlicensed, they take care of some of the sickest patients in the U.S. Just under half of these caregivers provide complex medical care: this is a level of care that

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