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The Base Case: An HIT Funding Opportunity for Area Agencies on Aging

Katy Weber and Anne Montgomery

By Anne Montgomery and Katy Weber This blog entry was written for n4a’s Aging and Disability Business Institute and is reposted here with permission. Despite a surging population of adults age 60 and older in the United States and increasing pressure for more integrated health and social services systems, the Aging Network faces significant challenges

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Interim Reports on Aggregating Care Plans to Manage Supportive Care Services for Elders

By Les Morgan The following reports were produced as deliverables for our project “Aggregating Care Plans to Manage Supportive Care Services for Elders” (Joanne Lynn, M.D., Principal Investigator).This project is funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation through Grant GBMF5662 to Altarum Institute. Dr. Lynn will provide a more detailed report on the project

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